Pick 'N' Melt Bags

Pick 'N' Melt Bags

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Do you love opening gifts on Christmas morning? Well this is my gift to you. An amazing random selection of wax melts from 8 stunning collections.!

Treat yourself to one and discover loads scents you may never of thought you would have loved. Each package has a mixture of various scents so no two bags will feature the exact same melts. Plus each bag will also include a variety of self-care products to make you feel even more special when melting the wax melts!

Includes x1 Wax Melt From;
• Wax Shots Collection
• Wax Clamshell Collection
• Eau De Parfum Collection
• Bon Appetit Collection
• Happy Hour Collection
• SqueakyClean Collection
• FloZora Collection
• Jo Mo Collection

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