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Can't find a Vinyl Bundle that gives you everything you want? Then why not create your own. Simply just choose your colour, choose your size and wait for them to arrive!

Vinyl labels are great for so many different materials! They can be used to personalise items, keep your kitchen cupboards organised or even decorate your walls!  

Vinyl labels will be created as they are displayed in the preview. Remember that the size you choose will include everything displayed in the preview panel, so the smaller your label is, the smaller your chosen words will be. Please note there may be a slight variation in font sizes.  



1. Double check that the surface you are applying your label to is clean and dry, free of oil and dust. Place your label on a flat surface. 

2. Gently peel back the clear film from the backing paper and ensure that your label is fully attached to the clear film.                 

If the label is not fully attached, press it back into place and smooth down with your fingers before trying again. 

3. Place the clear film and label onto your chosen item, as you would like the wording/image to display.                          

4. Use your fingers to apply pressure to the label, and smooth over a number of times. (This step can also be completed using a card) 

5. Remove the clear film slowly, checking that your label has transferred onto your item successfully.                                                                                          


• Try not to leave too much time between receiving your labels and attaching them to your item. We recommend using them within one week of receipt, so as to not affect the quality of the adhesive.  

• Wait for 24 hours before washing any vinyl labels - they're not waterproof until then! 

• Hand wash only in warm and soapy water, do not place in a dishwasher  

*These instructions are to be used as a guide only, therefore we are unable to take any responsibility for burned, discoloured items or damaged items.  

WARNING: Please always take care when working with high temperatures as doing so may cause harm. 

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