About Tru Wax

Hello, my name is Khaema Lindsey. I am the owner & creator of Tru Wax. I have always been in love with candles, wax melts and just things that generally smell amazing. However I got so sick & tired of buying well known brand candles for them to have any to no smell at all once lit. 

In 2016 I came across an article about how to make Wax Melts & I thought I would give it a read & that article changed my life. I researched, researched & did some more research until I was ready to take the plunge & bought some wax, 1oz plastic tubs and a Cherry fragrance oil. After the two weeks I melted my first cherry wax melt I created and my passion & business idea grew & there was no going back!

Tru Wax is a UK based company that began in 2016 & launched in 2018. After many months of testing different wax and fragrance combinations, I found the perfect mixture of soy wax, fragrance oils scents and colour dyes and Tru Wax was born :D

All Soy wax I use are highly scented using 100% fragrance oil, which provides strong scent throws. Every batch is tested to ensure a strong cold & hot scent throw so the scent is as powerful whether you are or aren't melting the products... If they don't smell then I wont sell it!

Tru Wax offers a variety of products that come in an array of scents ranging from Bubblegum to combining scents to create new scents like Citrus Pound Cake. 

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions that may need answering.

Kind Regards,
Khaema xx



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