Bon Appetit Collection (4585578725494)
Bon Appetit Collection
Bon Appetit Collection
Bon Appetit Collection

Bon Appetit Collection

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  • 4 x Butterscotch
  • 2 x Campfire Marshmallow
  • 4 x Cookie Sandwich (Oreo Dupe)
  • 8 x Ginger Nut
  • 4 x Jammy Dodger
  • 5 x Kal-Pol
  • 4 x Marshmallow & Candyfloss
  • 4 x Mrs C's Hot Coco
  • 5 x Parma Violets
  • 1 x Sour Patch
  • 3 x Sweet Cherry Pie
  • 2 x Taste The Rainbow (Skittles Dupe)
  • 6 x Unicorn Sparkle
  • 4 x Vanilla Bean Noel
  • 4 x Vanilla Bourbon
  • 7 x Wham Bam Bar

Scent Description:

Butterscotch: A sweet creamy delicious butterscotch candy fragrance with coconut, butter, creamy butterscotch, caramel, maple sugar, creamy vanilla and butter rum!

Campfire Marshmallow: A truly excellent sweet-and-smoky toasted marshmallow with clear vanilla marshmallow notes on a strong base of smoky campfire!

Cookie Sandwich: Chocolatey, creamy, sweet and biscuity!

Ginger Nut: Gingery, nutty, biscuity goodness, mixed in with golden syrup, sweet sugar, vanilla extract and beautiful bakery loveliness!

Iced Pineapple: A vibrant fruity aroma of fresh pineapple alongside orange zest, sweet pear, juicy mango and apple on a base of soft vanilla!

Jammy Dodger: Sweet sticky strawberry jam wrapped up in gorgeous shortbread biscuit!

Kal-Pol: A sweet fruity scent with raspberry, strawberry, orange with floral hints of violet and heliotrope on a vanilla base!

Marshmallow & Candyfloss: A rich sticky cotton candy fragrance enhanced by marshmallow, sugar, vanilla and toffee hints!

Mrs C's Hot Coco: Beautiful aroma of warm hot chocolate with melted marshmallow topping!

Parma Violets: A powdery floral accord with green violet leaves and violet flower supported by warm rose, Parma violets and freesia on a base of iris and powdered violet!

Raspberry Ripple: Gorgeous fresh raspberries laced with syrupy sugar and wrapped in the creamy vanilla deliciousness of ice cream!

Sour Patch: A sweet sherbet and candy scent with notes of lush ripe strawberry and lime with sticky sweet sugar and hints of vanilla!

Sweet Cherry Pie: A gorgeous blend of sweet black cherries and sour cherries with a base note of a freshly baked southern flakey crust!

Taste The Rainbow: Sweet and fruity and just like the sweeties. Mango, apple, orange, banana, strawberry, peach, raspberry!

Unicorn Fluff: Enchanted forest berries mingle with magical amber, rainbow peppercorns and floral charms to give an ethereal, dreamlike scent!

Unicorn Sparkle: A sweet edible smelling accord of fizzy sherbet with raspberry marshmallow, leading to notes of candy floss and liquorice, resting on a bed of woods, vanilla and caramel!

Vanilla Bean Noel: An out of this world rich buttery vanilla bean sugar cookie aroma with hints of marshmallow and caramel!

Vanilla Bourbon: A beautiful rich gourmand vanilla cream laced with a dash of string bourbon!

Wham Bam Bar: A sweet raspberry fragrance with a sugary sherbet hint!

Xmas At The Beach: A clean fruity fragrance with a blend of coconut, pineapple, lime and vanilla!

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