Into The Woods Collection
Into The Woods Collection

Into The Woods Collection

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Filled with sensational cosy scents, this collection will make you feel relaxed in no time!

Scents included;
1. Autumn Nights
• Scent Description: A truly sweet-and-smoky toasted marshmallow with clear vanilla marshmallow notes on a strong base of smoky campfire!

2. Café Caramel 
• Scent Description: The aroma of freshly brewed cappuccino filled with heavy cream and sweetened with sugary caramel!

3. Italian Biscotti 
Scent Description: A glorious fresh baked Italian biscotti fragrance with sweet almonds, rich chocolate and creamy vanilla!

4. Sandalwood Vanilla 
• Scent Description: Bergamot, freesia, lilac, close, ceder wood, white patchouli, creamy sandalwood and vanilla bean!

This collection was chosen by my Brand Rep Kylie @gc_prints 



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